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The Studio

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I work from my own, exclusive studio in Warrington (WA5).

Unlike any other studios and gyms that I know of in the area, I don't share with any other personal trainers and I don't have any members.

This means that your sessions are ALWAYS completely private.

No interruptions...

No waiting for space...

No searching for equipment...

No onlookers....

I specialise in one-to-one and two-to-one sessions (where you share your session with a friend).

Sessions are an hour long and incorporate warm-up and cool-down stretching along with your bespoke training routine.

You will also be given a program to do between sessions, either at home or at your gym, designed to compliment your personal training sessions (if you want one, of course)


Massage Room

I have a separate massage room alongside my PT studio.

It is designed to be warm, inviting and relaxing to enhance my massage treatments.

Most treatments utilise the massage couch, but I also have a massage chair that is designed to be used specifically for back, shoulder and head massage or for people with mobility issues.

Details of the various treatments I offer can be found on the Massage Therapy page.

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